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Glenda Vaughan-Powell Belmont Independent Councillor ‘Help with what you need, when you need it’

…Glenda apologises for lack of recent updates, due to heart surgery, ..  


Parliamentary Matters 19th Mar    More
Parliamentary Matters 12th Mar - 16th Mar   More
Chancellor's Spring Statement   13.3.18    More
Parliamentary Matters 5th Mar - 9th Mar   More
Summary of Commons business Feb 2018   More
Brexit UK-EU Security Treaty enquiry launched   More
PIP & ESA-loss of trust undermines assessments   More
Housing for older people needs national strategy  More
Lords debate restoration of Palace of Westminster  More
Summary of Commons business Jan 2018   More
Social Care News - December    
Brexit sanctions policy faces uncertain future  More
CBI & TUC give evidence on Brexit prospects Nov 3rd  More
PIP Assessment update  More
























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Objectives for Herefordshire

"Beast from the East III" due at Easter  19.3.18   More
Bomb threats sent to 100's of schools  19.3.18   More
Putin critic found dead on Monday was murdered  16.3.18 More
Countries unite to blame Russia   16.3.18  More
Russia to expel UK diplomats in retailation 15.3.18  More
Was daughter target of attack ?  14.3.18   More
Corbyn faced front bench resignations over response  More
UK expels 23 Russian diplomats  14.3.18   More
Death of Prof Stephen Hawking announced  14.3.18    More
Russia ignores PM's midnight deadline   14.3.18   More
PM publicaly blames Russia and gives them 24hrs 12.3.18  More
NHS crisis worse than last year, say doctors 12.3.18 More
Philip Hammond to snub ministers  10.3.18    More
PM to announce sanctions against Russia   9.3.18  More
We cannot ignore Russian threat   8.3.18   More
Crisis on NHS frontline exposed   7.3.18   More
May calls Trump over tariff concerns  6.3.18   More
IS teacher tried to create "army of children"  2.3.18  More
Trump to announce re-election plans  28.2.18   More
Weather forecast - Beast of the East 2 ?   14.3.18  More 
Paedophile Bennell jailed for 30 years  20.2.18   More
Tories to stop Boris and Rees-Mogg   8.2.18   More
Trump causes row over NHS comments   5.1.18  More
What's the point of the Tories  1.2.18   More
UKIP could be bankrupted  1.2.18   More
Tories took £50k from firm betting on Carillion failure   More
GP's seeing 3 times recommended safe levels  18.1.18   More
NHS haemorrhaging 33,000 nurses a year  17.1.18   More
MP attempts to expense £50 donation  17.1.18  More
Uproar over proposals to merge elite regiments 14.1.18 More
Elections now fought online  14.1.18   More
Hunt's promotion will change lives  14.1.18  More
Politicians to to co-operate to save NHS  14.1.18  More
President Winfrey ?    14.1.18   More
PM told patients dying in corridors   14.1.18   More
PM wanted environment plan to be boring  12.1.18  More
A+E waiting times worst on record  12.1.18  More
Trump cancels UK visit  12.1.18   More

National News


What the EU  and UK Brexit deal means 19.3.18 More
David Davis has only visited Irish border once 12.3.18 More
PM's Brexit speech in full  2.3.18   More
Major launches astonishing Brexit attack on PM   More
Brexit deal will not be agreed before Brexit day  20.2.18  More
No "Mad Max" style distopia  20.2.18   More
New Macron inspired party launched to stop Brexit 20.2.18  More
Merkel curious over what UK wants from Brexit  16.2.18  More
Every part of UK will suffer  8.2.18   More
Get Brexit wrong and rationing will return  8.2.18  More
Tories have 4 point lead  8.2.18   More
PM told " Brexit sums don't add up "  1.2.18  More
Farage backs new EU Referendum  12.1.18   More


Glenda Vaughan-Powell  was, until May 2015, an Independent Herefordshire Councillor serving Belmont Ward.Any references to this role on this site pre-date 7th May 2015.

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About Me

Older News

Plans for demolition of Beattie Ave bungalows revealed  More
Southern Link Road closer to construction  9.3.18   More
Suspicious activity in Hinton & Newton Farm  23.2.18   More
Future of Hillside sparks concern   22.2.18   More
House numbers just don't add up  21.2.18   More
Taxi driver threatened by passengers  15.2.18   More
Boy of 17 punched in Waterfield Road carpark  14.2.18   More
Speed camera on Belmont Road   13.2.18  More
Bypass plans made public   8.2.18   More
Extra parking approved at Hinton Community Centre 7.2.18  More
£7m boost for Ross Enterprise Park   6.2.18    More
Closure of Hillside draws near  2.2.18    More
London sale of Rotherwas land raises alarm  2.2.18  More
System ready for Hillside closure  24.1.18  More
Closure of Walk-in centre hasn't impacted A+E  23.1.18  More
Keepmoat chosen as partner for re-generation    More
Turning fortunes for local surgery  7.12.17  More
Christmas concert will help Hinton Centre 6.12.17 More
Belmont Library celebrates 25 years of service 4.12.17  More
Developer proposes 225 homes for Grafton Lane  1.12.17  More
Questions from doctor's receptionists  30.11.17  More
Redhill's Hillside to close in New Year  16.11.17   More


South Wye


Changes in the law in the next few weeks  20.3.18   More
Cold weather payments triggered  15.3.18   More
Hospital plan for 2 new wards  15.3.18   More
Judge criticises Hereford Council past practice 16.3.18  More
New Leader of Council announced  9.3.18   More
Blue Badge fees waived by Council for veterans  7.3.18   More
Plans for new GP surgery  1.3.18   More
New leader chosen for Hereford Conservatives 28.2.18  More
Council  priorities to improve health & wellbeing  More
Firefighters could strike in contract row  22.2.18   More
"Meals on Wheels" under review  21.2.18  More
Green light for Ross Enterprise Park 21.2.18   More
Herefordshire Council funding statement   More
Hospital staff move to council offices  6.2.18   More
County NHS litigation bill over £14m for last 5 years    More
Rising cost of adult care behind council tax rise 2.2.18  More
Factory job cuts  1.2.18  More
Hoople cash position good despite £2.7m loss  1.2.18  More
Tony Johnson resigns as Council Leader 1.2.18  More
Weobley affordable homes cancelled  1.2.18     More     
Councillors approve 4.9% Council Tax increase 26.1.18 More
Police warn of HMRC scam  26.1.18   More
Cabinet to consider consultation on Bypass route  More
Cabinet to consider budget and 2018/19 Council Tax  More









Severe weather alert - 18th March  More 









Pensioners could be forced to pay "NHS tax" 16.3.18  More
UK will regret Brexit - Junckers  13.3.18   More
Staying in Customs Union would be betrayal  3.3.18  More
May's speech laudable - Farage  2.3.18   More
Enjoy weekend - EU coming for you on Monday  1.3.18  More
Government cannot accept Brexit deal - Johnson 27.2.18 More
PM is facing crunch time over EU  26.2.18   More
PM warned she will betray Brexit with acceptance 23.2.18  More
Juncker - UK would be better off with me   23.2.18  More
Divergence wins  22.2.18   More
Brexit bulletin- 5.30pm   21.2.18   More
MP's list of demands over Brexit  20.2.18  More
MP's will see "whole Brexit"package before vote 6.2.18 More
37 rules EU want to impose before Brexit  5.2.18   More
Brussels wants veto over UK trade deals 16.1.18   More
Sturgeon in "Project McFear"  15.1.18   More
Mental Health cash shortage harms care  14.1.18  More
Hammond - It takes two to tango   11.1.18    More
The real battle of Brexit - let battle commence  10.1.18 More